IT Staffing

IT Chapter offers prime opportunity to broaden your knowledge with an extensive list of courses to meet your Information & Technology and Business needs.


At IT Chapter, we can provide you with the extra help you need whether you are looking for a full time or a part-time IT specialist for a more controlled and flexible approach. Our out-tasking services are your alternative to hiring; it allows you to hand over a specific function to one of our professionals while remaining in full control of your project. This way, you can leverage from our knowledge, expertise, and guidance while focusing on what really matters.

Our team can help you find:

  • ITSM and ITIL Consultants

  • Business Analysts

  • Security Specialists

  • Project Managers and Project Control Officers

  • ITSM Tools Architects, Integrators and Developers

  • I&T Governance and Compliance Specialists

  • Service Desk Analysts

  • Cybersecurity Specialists

Strategic Consulting


  • We have a pool of certified resources in all Information and Technology Best Practices.

  • We maintain constant contact with our resources and you to ensure a perfect fit with your organization.

  • We provide our resources with all the training necessary in order to ensure they deliver to your expectations.