Who We Are

We are a point of reference and a partner of choice for your organization in the domains of our expertise. IT Chapter is a knowledge hub for Information and Technology Professionals.

Facts About Us

Created in 2003

Who we are

Steady Growth

Who we are

Accredited Certified Experts

Who we are

Global Team

Who we are

The Idea

At IT Chapter we emphasize on the partnership we’re able to build by going beyond technology. This is essentially what makes us different. We make it our mission to share our profound industry knowledge and accompany, train, coach and grow Information and Technology Professionals in order to bring value to your business.

Trust our expertise when it comes to the services we offer. Together, we can take on the fast pace of change and get the best of it. Simply reach your expected outcomes.

Who we are
Who we are

Our Purpose

We strive to be the point of reference and a partner of choice for corporations while being a knowledge hub for Information and Technology Professionals.

We Value

Who we are

What Makes Us Different

  • We grow the maturity of IT Departments to make their services strategic, efficient, secure and cost-effective.

  • Our trainers and senior consultants possess more than a dozen certifications, their knowledge and skills are at your service to create value for the business.

  • Our clients and students get access to IT Chapter methodologies, certified processes and toolboxes.

  • We are partners of Info-Tech Research Group, ambassadors of BRM Institute, and acknowledged by Axelos as their first strategic partner in Canada.


Our People

At IT Chapter we believe in our people. We have built a dedicated, focused and experienced team of consultants and trainers to help you obtain maximum value from your resources and investments. Our team is at your service for continuous improvement and innovation as we work together to make a difference. 

Who we are

Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy

IT Chapter is a certified women-owned company, WBE Canada and WE CONNECT international. We make conscious choice to hire and promote women in IT, as well as support women organizations. We are proud to have a diversified team with women being 60% of IT Chapter employees.