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What Is the BRM Executive Brief and How Is it Beneficial to Your Organization

The BRM Executive Brief is a workshop meant to introduce Business Relationship Management key concepts in a flexible approach. This workshop’s duration is usually 60 minutes and is suitable for senior Business and Provider’s Organization Professionals (i.e. IT or HR). Over the years, we have observed that , for example, Business and IT Executives have a different interpretation of BRM, and this workshop helps both to create a shared vision of BRM as a role, practice and discipline. However, this workshop can also be customized to be suited for a broader audience.
To summarize, the Executive Brief Workshop crystallizes the main concepts of Business Relationship Management and positions it so that executives can align with their BRM function within the organization, whether it is existing or emerging. BRM leadership is IT Chapter’s specialty. A variety of organizations, in different industries, have taken advantage of our expertise and guidance thought their challenges, and they say that Executive brief was the best investment of their time for the value they got. Contact us if you’re thinking about bringing this workshop to your organization.

For my part, I think that ITIL takes a more mature stance and comes out of his troubled adolescence that was ITIL v3. This new version, with what we know today, seems to me better connected to reality, more open to other practices and especially more agile. In short, ITIL 4 becomes a management framework well into its time. Now, it remains to be seen what other publications, which will appear later this year, have in store to help us better understand how ITIL 4 will have tangible effects on our service management. But already, I allow myself to think that this impact will be positive and will have the effect of modernizing our beloved management framework.

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