We live in the age of total digitalization. More people are working in a remote context every day and the digitalization of companies is now global since the pandemic has shown the benefits of remote work. From customer support jobs ton specials skills in sales or software solutions, digital and more precisely technology offers a wide range of career opportunities.

Specialists must study continuously, take cognizance of rapid and ever changing trends, and grow their list of competencies and skillsets if they do not want to “miss the boat” and find themselves marooned on the shores of yesterday.  

There are several general requirements for all professions in digital. Firstly, a modern specialist’s experiential assets should be “T-shaped”: That is, they must have a wide and diverse range of experience in addition to an underlying set of competencies if they plan on being successful in the digital workplace. 

It doesn’t matter who you are – whether that is a programmer or a designer, a data scientist or product owner – absolutely everyone needs to hone soft-skills such as communication, emotional intelligence, problem solving, and conflict resolution for example. It is very important to understand the concepts of Agile and SCRUM. In addition, foundation IT Service Management skills such as ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) are critical for any digital professional today.  

Digital marketing jobs 

Specialties in the digital world can be divided into five categoriesmarketing, business management, design, programming and analytics and of course, they all intersect with each other in one way or another.

The methodologies of Scrum and Agile are predicated on this reality which helps to explain their popularity today. 

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Marketing analyst

PPC marketers are specialists who are engaged in the promotion of goods and services for sales on the Internet on multiple platforms. The tasks of a marketer include market analysis, web analytics, but they also get creative to conceive advertising strategies.

The average salary of a digital marketer is about $60,000

SMM specialists

SM specialists are responsible for content on social networks: They write text for posts, articles for blogs, and shoot and upload photos and videos.

The average Social Media Manager salary is $52,744 per year. 

SEO specialists

SEO specialists are responsible for search engine optimization: they create or edit text messages on the site or in posts on social networks so that they are easy to find through keyword searches.

The average Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager salary is $54,500


Copywriters are responsible for all types of text: website content, producing company emails, articles for blogs, and writing text to be used in advertising brochures and catalogs, etc. The main thing in the work of a copywriter is to create tempting, interesting, in-a-word selling texts that are easily remembered like slogans and mottos for example. The average Copywriter salary is $53,600

Content Marketing: an umbrella term for a lot of digital jobs

More recently, all these specialties have been subsumed by the general concept of Content Marketers. They are responsible for selling an idea or perhaps better stated: “The idea”. For content marketing, it is not so important to sell a single product as to create a brand image, make it recognizable, ubiquitous – and ideally, viral. They aim to write content that can fill as many communication channels as possible.

The average Content Marketing Manager salary is $69,100

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Some digital jobs applicable in different sectors

The Project Manager

The project manager is essentially the team leader who is responsible for the implementation of the project as part of the work on the product. His/her task is to draw up deadlines, budget resources for a specific task and make sure that the team meets these limits. A project manager should not be a programmer, designer, or salesman, but they should be well enough oriented in all these areas to, first understand who is doing what and how, and secondly, to set specific tasks and correctly specify the deadlines for their execution.

The average Project Manager salary is $73,800.

The Product Owner

in turn, develops a development strategy for the entire product. His/her set of his competencies is not limited to soft skills, like a project manager. The responsibility for the creation and development of a product in accordance with user requests as well as the successful promotion of the product rests on their shoulders.

The average Product Manager salary is $95,800

Design: a vast choice of digital jobs

There are several types of design (in digital): graphic, grocery, web design, interface design, motion design which are discussed next.  

The graphic designer

is responsible for the visual elements associated with a brand. He/she helps to construct a corporate identity by developing a logo, selecting colors and fonts associated with a brand, considers packaging designs and layouts, and sometimes draws illustrations (though that task is more typically reserved for illustrators). The average Graphic Designer salary is $51,200

A web designer

A web designer is engaged in the visual design of websites. The task of a web designer is to develop layouts for websites and web interfaces, and to select the visual content of the site: I.e., fonts, illustrations, color solutions. The average Web Designer salary is $49,900

Other digital jobs in IT

A product designer

is a specialist who combines the competencies of a designer, a web designer, an interface designer, a product manager, and an analyst. This is the leader of the development team, who is responsible for the appearance of the product, which will be both convenient and attractive to the user.

The average Product Designer salary is $86 450 

DevOps Engineer

One of the highest paid specialist positions in the IT market is the DevOps Engineer. This is a hybridization of a developer and a system administrator: They are responsible for ensuring that the program code is compiled and packaged without errors and delivered to the user in working condition (i.e. fault-tested). DevOps engineers need to know not just programming, but also the specifics of packet-processing by the operating system kernel, packet-routing rules, and host-security aspects, etc.

DevOps engineers can expect a midpoint salary of $125,750

Data analyst

Millions of people generate tons of content every second, leaving digital footprints. What we call Big Data. Thanks to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), the objects around us – fitness trackers, GPS navigators, televisions and even refrigerators – also produce a continuous flow of information which can be harnessed through data analytics to the end of innumerable further uses and marketing strategies.  

Data analysts collects raw data, analyzes it, and converts it into statistical models that you can work with. Its main tools are descriptive statistics, mathematical analysis, SQL (a programming language for database management and Python enabling the creation of scripts for processing wide arrays of data).

The salary midpoint for a Big-Data Engineer is $141,500

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