The 10 Highest paying jobs in technology for 2022 

The IT industry is the fastest growing sector of the economy. Absolutely any specialist having enough technical skills to be involved in IT can boast of a salary above the national average salary. The same position in an IT firm can boast as much as 1.5 – 2 times the salary for a similar position in a non-IT firm. Furthermore, labor statistics show that specialized positions held by employees with 3 or more years of experience can earn on average as much as 5-10 times as much as they would in other industries. Interested into an IT career path? Read more. 

Information technology, like all other spheres of business tends to stagnate at times with some areas of digital or titles such as software engineers having been around for more than 20 years… While there are plenty of specialists and those eager to earn high incomes, we at ITChapter have formulated this post to inform users of the highest paying tech jobs.

DevOps Engineer 

DevOps is a nascent development methodology postulated in 2008 to solve the problem of interaction between the development department and the operations department. The position of DevOps engineer has become one of the highest paying technology jobs today. It connects developers, testers and those who directly use the product as it is.  

Before DevOps emerged, problems with product launches were normal. Developers would write code for operating systems and the environments in which they worked, but operations teams were frequently unable to run those codes because their work environment and operating systems were different. Enter the DevOps engineer whose job is to bridge those differences and ensure that everything works the same way for EVERYONE.  

Average Base Pay is $89,187 per year ( 

Cyber security Specialist 

The number of crimes in the field of information technology grows every year: hacking websites, stealing data and/or money, blocking systems for ransom and much more has become the new norm. This can and should be prevented by a skilled cybersecurity specialis and security professionals will be the most in demand jobs in the future.

Their task is to implement various technical means and handle the security software for protection. The information security analysts search as well for vulnerabilities that serve as entry points for cyber-attacks and modify the security systems if necessary. They are also responsible for training employees on best practices relating to information security and collaborate with other stakeholders such as computer network architects or information systems managers.

Average Base Pay is $80,786 per year ( 

Big Data Analyst 

According to IDC’s forecast, the total volume of information in the world will grow 5 times by 2025 compared to 2018! Naturally, this means specialists engaged in data analysis from database systems will continue to be benefit from an ever-increasing demand in data scientists. 

Big Data analysis allows us to make scientific discoveries in all areas without exception, as well as to improve efficiencies in business, government, health, and much more.  Big data can help any economic entity to increase their profits, find new sources of income, improve quality of service, and streamline production. Data communication networks are here to stay so you’d better have a look at these high paying tech jobs. 

Average Base Pay is $ 81,839 per year ( 

Python Developer 

Python is one of the five most popular programming languages in the world every year. This is due to its wide range of applications and ease of study. Python is used in web development, software development, mobile applications and even games. But most of all, the language is used to automate various tasks, from system administration to scientific research and Data Science. In tech industry, a Python developer can pretend to the highest paying tech job. 

Average Base Pay is $ 85,629 per year ( 

UX/UI designer 

The UX/UI designer is responsible for ensuring that the interface of a website, program or application is user-friendly and pleasing to the eye. Well-thought designs and smoothly functioning interfaces can directly increase sales and add value to product, so a competent UX/UI designer is always be in demand. Bonus for those who already have experience working with different stakeholder such as web developer, data architect or software developer. 

Average salary (Base pay) is $ 77,090 per year ( 

QA Tester 

This is another one of the most popular IT professions today. Testers search for errors and inaccuracies in the development cycle and is one of the key processes in ensuring product quality. It is believed that a tester is the easiest way to develop and program. Novice specialists do not write code but test the product manually by literally testing all the functions and applications of a program in use or of user interface. 

Average salary (Base pay) is $ 37,944 per year ( 

Software Developers

Software developers are regularly included in the list of the highest paid IT professions in labor statistics. While there are some pay differences relating to programming language or technologies in use, with some earning more and others less, in the end – they are still among the best paying tech jobs. 

Average salary (Base pay) is $ 75,628 per year ( 

Mobile App Developer 

The mobile app market is constantly growing. Over the past 5 years, the number of app installations has increased by 46%, the time spent by users on mobile apps has increased by 35%, and money spent through apps has doubled! According to labor statistics and analysts’ forecasts, a similar picture will be observed over the next 5 years with the technology development. Therefore, the demand for mobile app developers is expected to continue growing and naturally the pay prospects too. 

Average salary (Base pay) is $ 66,503 per year ( 

Frontend Developer 

This is a programmer specialist who focuses on developing/improving user interfaces and continues to be among the top paid positions in IT year after year. Everything seen on the screen of your devices was done by a Frontend developer. They are responsible for making sure that all the buttons on a website or in an application work as intended. 

Average salary (Base pay) is $ 67,994 per year ( 

Java Developer 

Java is a programming language that has been included in the top 5 most popular IT professions every year since the beginning of rankings. It is used in all areas of programming, but most of all in the development of enterprise software and systems, games and phone or tablet applications. As we definitely go on mobile first experience, mobile development languages is a specialty to look for. 

A wide range of language applications makes it possible to attribute a Java programmer to the most popular digital professions. 

Average salary (Base pay) is $ 73,115 per year ( 

Technology jobs are here to stay

Job outlook for tech professionals are excellent. Computer science and artificial intelligence will be the job of the future and the tech jobs will be for the ones who step up into the training.

Here some other highest paid tech jobs you might want to consider:

  • software engineer,
  • data architects and data scientist,
  • computer network architect who build data communication networks,
  • full stack developer,
  • big data engineers,
  • software architect,
  • chief technology officer

Interested into moving your career forward into technology careers?

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