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Great Renaissance of Business Relationship Management: Introducing BRMP® 2022

November 25th, 2021 | Business Relationship Management

If you work for an organization, you undoubtedly want it to thrive. You want to be able to perform your job well, and you want others to be able to do the same. If you feel this way you understand that organizations thrive when their people thrive. All of this would be impossible without effective relationships. 

Meaningful relationships provide unlimited organizational vitality that rapidly increases performance and growth. An organization can access this energy by cultivating a culture of positive work relationships that encourage creativity, in turn leading to continuous innovation. Organizations that value building relationships over generating profit are referred to as relationship-centered organizations.

In today’s business context, people are missing relationships that once were, the world has seen a new rise in caring for each other, showing appreciation, and collaborating in innovative ways. This rebirth of the importance of relationships shows that every organization is built on relationships. The better those relationships are, the better we treat each other, and the better people in every organization can satisfy purpose.

The evolved Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP® 2022) certification has arrived at the perfect time. Course participants will learn about their organization’s business relationship management capability. They will learn how to measure and optimize the impact of relationships across functions and across levels. With function-generic tools and techniques, the BRMP certification is meant for anyone who recognizes the importance of relationships in their organization.

BRMP® Legacy vs. BRMP® 2022

Unlike the Legacy BRMP®, BRMP® 2022 includes:

What’s in it for you?

With BRMP® 2022…

So, what’s next?

For those who are already BRMP certified, you can consider taking the new course since it is actually very different, and you can benefit from the updates. Another course of action is to obtain the current CBRM certification as the course will also be updated in 2022. Once the new version of CBRM is launched, the BRMP® 2022 certification will not only become the prerequisite, but it will also be retired in October 2022. 

About Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM®)

The CBRM is a must-have addition to the BRMP that will allow you to make your role more strategic within your organization. The course tests your knowledge of the BRMP to ensure competence and elevates your BRM capability from comprehension to application and analysis. Your BRM Capability Workbook and Impact Report Workbook from the BRMP course will be assessed and bolstered in the CBRM course. It helps you truly reach the level of strategic partner with your partners.

For example, the BRMP level briefly describes the following strategic tools, but you will learn how to use them in-depth in the CBRM course:

In conclusion, the BRMP® Legacy is, and always will be relevant to the BRM role and capability. However, the evolved content is a natural evolution of knowledge to help you advance your level of knowledge and role. Upcoming course dates will soon be scheduled at IT Chapter for the BRMP® 2022 courses. If you are interested in having more details on group training, feel free to reach out to us!


Should BRMP certified individuals, consider the new BRMP course?

Will the current BRMP certification course be considered as a prerequisite to the new CBRM?

When is the current BRMP course expected to be retired?

Our team is currently BRMP certified and we have implemented the guidance from the BRMBOK, for our new BRMs, which course would you recommend?

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