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Have You Heard About Verism™ And Why Should You Care?

October 5, 2020 | ITIL

As an IT or Business professional, have you heard about Agile, Lean or Six Sigma, COBIT, DevOps, PMBOK, or other frameworks, standards or methodologies which are used either in your organization or in ones you know? The answer is: Yes, of course, we use those either in full or in part, in different departments, and sometimes they do not work together… perhaps they even overlap. Another question is WHY these frameworks, standards or methodologies are chosen? This question is harder to answer: maybe because some professionals learned or even got certified in them, implemented them and saw success in other companies, or perhaps they were recommended by external consulting companies, or maybe even found them on Google! The answer to this question is not always obvious, and to be honest, the choice of management practices such as frameworks, standards or methodologies in IT departments are sometimes random. The hardest question to answer is: how to implement these management practices in the context of individual organizations, and how to align them with good internal practices and existing culture?VeriSM addresses all the questions above, and helps to answer them within the context of each organization. It invites us to think about the implementation of various management practices in the context of a “management mesh” which considers organizational emerging technologies, environment, and resources. Clearly, each organization is unique, and “management mesh” must be thought through thoroughly within the each one! Moreover, VeriSM guides us on how all these management practices help to create an enterprise Service Culture. But, you might be wondering: how many management practices are there?

How Many Management Practices Are There?

There are many! The management practices or “Bodies of Knowledge” are referred to as “standards,” “best practices,” “methodologies,” “frameworks”, etc. – and they guide IT and Business professionals towards different knowledge. But how should an IT and Business Professional know which one suits their organizational needs and his/her career? VeriSM is one of the answers: it is a new Service Management approach. Note: not another “IT Service Management” (ITSM) framework…that is the difference! First, there is a reason why “IT” was dropped from the picture – this is because the new approach is to ensure that the WHOLE organization, not only IT department is adopting the Service Management mentality. Second, VeriSM guides us to look into the entire organization as requiring a broad set of capabilities that work together to deliver value to the end consumers using IT and Business best practices.

So, VeriSM Is A Replacement For Existing ITSM Frameworks?

No, it is NOT! VeriSM should NOT be viewed as a replacement of existing ITSM frameworks, technologies or methodologies. It should be considered as an approach that combines existing practices (ITIL, COBIT, Kanban, Scrum, DevOps, Agile, Lean, IT4IT, etc) to create a Service Culture in organizations. The combination of all the approaches will enable organizations to understand and respond to service management challenges in the digital age. VeriSM formulates a Service Management model in which all the organizations’ responsibilities and capabilities are deployed to facilitate the delivery of superior service. These days, we need this approach badly! We need to ensure that IT and Business units are converged towards delivery to the end consumers. The house divided cannot stand any longer!

The VeriSM Philosophy And Model

Have You Heard About Verism™ And Why Should You Care?
VeriSM describes itself as a service management approach that is:

VeriSM focuses on an end-to-end view rather than focusing on one department. It enables organizations to adopt several management practices flexibly to deliver the right services or products at the right time to their clients. VeriSM allows the organization to tailor an approach based on the organizational culture, priorities, size of the organization and the nature of the service or project the organization is working on. Basically, it enables the organization to deliver value with integrated service management practices through the management mesh. VeriSM helps IT professionals make sense of the best practices out there and how they can be best integrated to add value to an organization.

What’s In It For You?

Maybe you are already ITIL, or DevOps certified, or you are PMP, Agile Scrum Master, or part of a team or organization which follows one or several IT best practices, methodologies or standards. You might feel that either your current certification (s) does not respond to your current job needs, or maybe it is “too theoretical,” or your organization did not adopt it to the extent that it should have. You might consider obtaining other knowledge or certification for yourself or your team, but not sure which one. You might be searching for a right management practice for your current team and not sure which one is most suitable within the context of your organization. If you take the VeriSM course with IT Chapter, it will help you and your team to select the right practices from a set of management, technologies, and capabilities. You will obtain the “know-how” to select the right ones which are suitable for your organization. It will also help in the delivery of value to your customers.Are you interested in learning more about this IT certification? Click here fore detailsPlease contact us and we will call you back: contact@itchapter.comReference:

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