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BRMP – Paris, The City Of Lights

March 27, 2018 | BRM

This week, Paris, the City of Lights, hosted the first global BRMP training completely in French! After the BRMP certification training (co-organized by Acadys and IT Chapter) the BRM community gained nine new Business Relationship Management Professionals. All passed the certification exam with flying colours, giving them access to the highly demanded and globally recognized BRMP title.Course participants came from various corners of France and met at the luxury hotel Sofitel, in the heart of modern and grandiose architecture of Paris La Defense, in an environment favouring learning experiences. From gourmand pauses and sophisticated lunches, our days also gave us a chance to appreciate all the talent of Sofitel Chefs and French gastronomy. During the training, experience sharing was very vivid. Some would ask how the role of BRM can be better valued and recognised in their organization. Others wanted to know the formula to enable Business Relationship Management to grow in maturity above Service Provider. Finally, one of the students, a CIO of large retail distribution company, asked the group how can Business Capability Roadmapping be aligned with his IT Strategic Plan. All these questions were extensively discussed and shared during the training, referring to the knowledge available in the BRMBOK. Our BRM students came primarily from IT, however we had one representative from Business. No matter which field they are coming from, all BRMs recognized themselves in the metaphors used to designate their role: Navigator of the Road Map ; Connector to ensure an adequate service offering ; Orchestrator to lead business transitions to success. We now have 9 new BRMs ready to use tools and methods of the BRM Institute to augment the maturity of the relationship with Business Partners.We set an appointment for the end of June to do a follow-up with the whole team and see which tools were most valuable. This follow-up will coincide with the next BRMP certification training in Paris. Therefore, don’t hesitate to join us and register in advance at

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