COBIT 2019 Training

IT Chapter is qualified to deliver the entire schema of COBIT 2019 training, including certification courses and workshops.

COBIT 2019 Training

Certification Courses

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This course introduces participants to Cobit® 2019, a best-practice framework developed to assist in the process of understanding, designing and implementing enterprise governance of IT (EGIT). Participants will dive into the heart and structure of the COBIT® framework to learn about how to set it up within their organization. The training offers an executive focus on key topics such as the components of a governance system, measurements and reporting with pertinent KPIs, design factors tailored to your organization and many others.

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COBIT 2019 Training Value Proposition

Every organization recognizes the importance of mechanisms for risk management, cybersecurity posture, well-defined IT roles and responsibilities, and accurate reports.

It’s all part of IT governance which is a recognized necessity. Despite this, many organizations struggle to achieve the right level of maturity. It’s certainly not for lack of trying. Often, IT governance in organizations needs significant improvement if not a complete revamp. IT Chapter helps organizations achieve IT governance objectives via COBIT 2019 training.

Effective governance over information and technology is critical to business success. COBIT is considered to be an important driver of innovation and business transformation. Our COBIT 2019 training offers an opportunity to learn about the following:

Our hands-on teaching approach enables our clients to use COBIT publications as a reference for all their strategic IT governance needs. 

Understanding COBIT 2019

Enterprise Governance of IT (EGIT) is an integral part of corporate governance. The board oversees the definition and implementation of processes, structures, and relational mechanisms. EGIT enables business and IT to create business value from IT investments.

Many governance frameworks are grown in some “organic” way by adding pieces that don’t fit with each other. These frameworks are designed to respond only to external audit requirements. However, EGIT implementation requires a consistent approach. COBIT provides the guidance and means to build a sustainable governance system. Also, COBIT aligns with major related standards, frameworks, and regulations.

In addition, the COBIT framework is relevant to the modern enterprise. It structures decision-making and helps create a more agile governance system. COBIT is a comprehensive repository of guidance, tools, models, and resources. Together, they help business leaders achieve their objectives for effective IT governance.

COBIT 2019 Training

Benefits realization

Creating value for the enterprise through IT, maintaining and increasing value derived from existing IT investments, and eliminating IT initiatives and assets that are not creating sufficient value

COBIT 2019 Training

Risk optimization

This entails addressing the business risk associated with the use, ownership, operation, involvement, influence and adoption of IT within an enterprise. IT-related business risk consists of IT-related events that could potentially impact the business.

COBIT 2019 Training

Resource optimization

This ensures that the appropriate capabilities are in place to execute the strategic plan and sufficient, appropriate and effective resources are provided. Resource optimization ensures that an integrated, economical IT infrastructure is provided, new technology is introduced as required by the business, and obsolete systems are updated or replaced.