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IT Chapter Change Management Value Proposition

Change is inevitable. For many organizations change can become a regular occurrence, particularly in the current climate in which organizations must adapt to remain competitive, evolve, or simply survive. Accordingly, dealing with change and the impact of changes is a high priority for organizations.

IT Chapter offers certification courses and workshops, to fully address the needs of organizations to deliberately build their internal capabilities in managing change, transition, culture and behaviours.

IT Chapter helps individuals, teams, and organizations to build knowledge via certification training. We help build professional skills by providing our students with actionable tools, templates and coaching them on specific Change Management approaches and techniques. A few examples would be the communication strategy and planning, change management strategy, stakeholder analysis, and more. Ultimately, IT Chapter accompanies individuals and teams in their journey during which they develop solid competencies to put in place Change Management in a consistent way until it becomes a mature organizational capability. All our practical and hands-on references are valuable and developed by experienced industry practitioners.

Understanding Change Management

Change Management is gaining recognition as a profession, with demand growing for qualified and experienced change practitioners, managers and leaders. Increasing numbers of organizations are acknowledging the value of effective change management too, with many focusing on building a stronger internal capability to better facilitate the growing levels of change. Change Management is the discipline that guides how we prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change, which in turn drives organizational success, deliverables and outcomes. While all changes and all individuals are unique, decades of research demonstrate there are actions we can take to influence people in their individual transitions.

Change Management practice is based on The Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK), which represents one of the best resources available to the professional Change Manager, as well as to organizations seeking to improve their change management capability.
The CMBoK draws on the experience of more than six hundred change management professionals from thirty countries.

Change Manager Competency Model (what Change Managers do) describes what Change Managers must know to demonstrate those competencies effectively and to deliver change successfully.

Change and the Individual

Change and the Organization

Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

Change Management Practice

Certification Courses

This course examines various change management techniques and enhances your ability to plan, implement and successfully manage the impact of change. The structured approaches help you enable an organization to implement change smoothly.

Available formats

This course helps participants to understand the key concepts of Change Management. It is built to provide you with a practical perspective of how to properly prepare for an organizational change initiative. The course is built on the Change Management Foundation course principles as this knowledge baseline enables you to apply many proven approaches and techniques to your own work environment.

Available formats

The purpose of this workshop is to help the participants in overall understanding the concepts of the Change Management practice to become informed members of a team working on an organizational change initiative. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of concepts such as the basic components of a change management strategy and plan, communication and engagement, change impact and change readiness.

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