IT Staffing and IT Training

We provide IT staffing and IT training services to organizations of all sizes. 

Our consultants provide deep knowledge and expertise for any of your IT transformation projects. 

Also, we are proud to be a knowledge hub for IT professionals.

Facts About Us

Created in 2003

IT Staffing and IT Training

Steady Growth

IT Staffing and IT Training

Accredited Certified Experts

IT Staffing and IT Training

Global Team

IT Staffing and IT Training

Some numbers

100% of our training courses are accredited

Over 15 years of training and consulting experience

Over 10,000 professionals trained

Average Google review score of 5/5

Our Mission

The mission of IT Chapter is to generate value for your business. We share our profound industry knowledge by training, coaching and mentoring IT professionals. In addition, we provide expert IT staffing to fulfill your project needs.

Trust our expertise when it comes to the services we offer. Together, we can take on the fast pace of change and get the best of it.

IT Staffing and IT Training
IT Staffing and IT Training

Our Purpose

We help organizations of all sizes to optimize value from their IT investments. 

We Value


Our People

At IT Chapter, we believe in our people. Our dedicated and experienced team of consultants and trainers will help you optimize the value of your IT investments. We work with you to create continuous improvement and innovation in your business. 

IT Staffing and IT Training

Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy

IT Chapter is a certified women-owned company. We are recognized by WBE Canada and WE CONNECT International. We make a conscious choice to hire and promote women in IT. We are proud to have a diverse team, with women being 60% of IT Chapter employees.