Professional Business Relationship Manager At USDA Shares Implementation Highlights

IT Consulting, Training & Staffing Resource Hub December 2, 2019 | BRM Whether you are new to the Business Relationship Management (BRM) world or not, you can never stop being curious about how other fellow practitioners make BRM implementation a success. Since it’s all about people, every experience is different. There are just so many […]

How Does Your Social Brain At Work Help You Succeed In Your BRM Role?

IT Consulting, Training & Staffing Resource Hub December 2, 2019 | BRM On our last day at the BRM Connect, we had the privilege to interview Daniëlle Hellebrand, a keynote speaker of the event, about her research. We were excited to learn more and to share the details with our readers. Daniëlle Hellebrand actually worked […]

What Does BRM Success Look Like?

IT Consulting, Training & Staffing Resource Hub December 4, 2019 | BRM As a firm that helps enterprises build business relationship capabilities via training, coaching and consulting, IT Chapter is delighted every time professionals share their experiences related to subjects which we master. We are always looking for practical examples related to what we teach […]

BRM Community Of Interest – What’s A Gathering Like?

IT Consulting, Training & Staffing Resource Hub February 14, 2020 | Business Relationship Management The Montreal BRM Community of Interest is organized by passionate, experienced BRM professionals who span over a multitude of BRM disciplines and industries within the IT sector. The goal is for Business Relationship Managers, Business Analysts, Project/Program/Portfolio Managers, and Senior IT […]

Positioning the BRM Role in a Product-Centric Organization

IT Consulting, Training & Staffing Resource Hub August 28, 2020 | BRM Svetlana Sidenko was a storyteller at the BRMConnect 2020 conference. This blog is based on the content of her presentation.   Re-defining the role of the Business Relationship Manager in a context of organization’s rapid evolution towards product-centric operating models is increasingly needed. […]

What Is the BRM Executive Brief and How Is it Beneficial to Your Organization

IT Consulting, Training & Staffing Resource Hub November 6, 2020 | BRM The BRM Executive Brief is a workshop meant to introduce Business Relationship Management key concepts in a flexible approach. This workshop’s duration is usually 60 minutes and is suitable for senior Business and Provider’s Organization Professionals (i.e. IT or HR). Over the years, […]

Seven Things Business Executives Need to Know About BRM Success

IT Consulting, Training & Staffing Resource Hub October 22, 2020 | BRM The importance of the Business Relationship Management role and function is undeniable. Business Executives often recognize the BRM’s mission is to ensure that business needs are understood, managed, and addressed while business value is optimized. However, Executives can sometimes misinterpret the various ways […]

Pourquoi la conduite du changement est-elle si importante pour un BRM?

Dans une entreprise, pour changer un processus, des comportements ou des mentalités, la seule façon pour un BRM d’y parvenir est d’opter pour la conduite du changement. Elle lui permettra d’identifier et d’impliquer tous les acteurs, en déterminant la manière de procéder (ex : quel type de communication adopter, quelle formation pour qui, etc.). Elle […]


This week, Paris, the City of Lights, hosted the first global BRMP training completely in French! After the BRMP certification training (co-organized by Acadys and IT Chapter) the BRM community gained nine new Business Relationship Management Professionals. All passed the certification exam with flying colours, giving them access to the highly demanded and globally recognized […]