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BRM Community Of Interest – What’s A Gathering Like?

February 14, 2020 | Business Relationship Management

The Montreal BRM Community of Interest is organized by passionate, experienced BRM professionals who span over a multitude of BRM disciplines and industries within the IT sector. The goal is for Business Relationship Managers, Business Analysts, Project/Program/Portfolio Managers, and Senior IT Consultants / Professionals to have a forum in which they can learn and expand their knowledge base through the experiences of other like-minded colleagues. Members are encouraged to share their experiences, best practices, and challenges to ultimately benefit the entire community and serve as a resource to enrich and optimize the experience of senior IT Professionals to deliver value to business.
The first gathering of the year was on February 12th, during which the BRM Benchmarking Compensation Report was reviewed and discussed.
The Community of Interest was pleased to see how the BRM profession is growing and progressing on a global scale. One of our members has been a BRM for 2 or 3 years, but her experience in acting as a Navigator, Connector and Orchestrator goes way back! Therefore, to see how the role is actually recognized worldwide and gaining even more importance across all industries is something appreciated by everyone.
There were some questioning regarding the Business capability Manager. In Quebec, it appears that the role is not yet a mainstream. We concluded that it will probably be emerging soon. This seemed very interesting for our senior BRMs, maybe this is a possible future role for them. In terms of collaboration, the group agreed that working with Architects and Portfolio management is very important for them as well. The COI would have liked a few more insights on a national scale, but we were able to make the relation to the BRM in Canada.
Additionally, the group was pleased to acknowledge the growing number of women in BRM (read our blog: How do women get a seat at the table?). We discussed about the fact that more and more women are occupying business analysis positions. As you can see in the pictures, our participants were mostly women! Which is why we encouraged them to be part of any future surveys.
BRM Community Of Interest - What's A Gathering Like?
We concluded with a discussion on the value of attending the BRM Connect Conference! This year, the BRM Institute is organizing two conferences at different locations: Amsterdam and Boston.
If you haven’t joined us before, make sure you don’t miss our next event by following us on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook).

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